Industry oriented

  • Preparation of the financial statements in the same and comparable formats according to the different industries.
  • Separation of the financial analysis models and ratios according to the different industries.

Features oriented

  • Traditionally method of providing financial statements does not sufficient for the Jolan method of analyzing. Jolan assigns appropriate features/characteristics to every item of financial statements.
  • For instance, the account of securities in the balance sheet would have different interpretations based on which features is considered. Features like available for sales /held to maturity, valuation methods at fair value/at amortized cost, bearing/nonbearing interest…

Focusing of the interpretation of accompanying notes

  • “The accompanying notes are the integral and inseparable part of the financial statements”. We always read this phrase in the reports. Jolan produces a new framework for financial statements which are somehow integrated with accompanying notes in a single table.
  • Investors would be informed or maybe alarmed of the accompanying note’s effects.

Monitoring of the macroeconomic variables

  • Automatic monitoring of the macroeconomic variables and updating stock analyses accordingly.
  • Financial statements items may interpret differently in the different macroeconomics circumstances. The FED interest rate affects seriously on the financial analysis of the banking sector.